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2019 Predictions for the Online Retail Fashion Industry

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To get a better sense of what 2019 holds for online fashion retail, Bllush invited e-Commerce decision-makers and producers (such as Executives, Managers,  Consultants) from the fashion industry to participate in a survey.

61% of survey respondents were e-commerce managers, 35% senior e-commerce directors, while the remaining 4% were anonymous.

This article features the priorities and challenges for the e-commerce fashion industry in 2019 according to our survey participants.

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E-Commerce Fashion Industry Trends And Priority Focus Areas

Positive ROI On Advertising Campaigns

Investment in advertising campaigns is projected to grow in 2019, but the focus will be on campaigns that deliver the highest possible return.

83% of survey participants from the e-commerce fashion industry ranked positive ROI first on the list of priorities for online fashion retailers in 2019. This result shows that in 2019, proactive fashion retailers will consider ROI as a key performance indicator.

Converting Shoppers Into Customers

Site traffic does not necessarily convert shoppers into buyers. A combination of the right traffic and appropriate site alterations does.

In 2019, converting shoppers into consumers will continue to be the priority for online fashion retailers. 80% out of the survey participants recorded a high score, ranking it second on the list of priorities for the e-commerce fashion industry in 2019.

Creating Good Content For The Audience

Online retailers will leverage content to increase their competitiveness.

User-generated content will be a crucial strategy for the e-commerce fashion industry in 2019. Online fashion retailers will continue to leverage content generated by consumers to increase customer engagement and promote brand awareness.

On a scale of 1 to 7, survey participants gave this priority focus area an average score of 5.6 with 79% of them recording a high score.

Choosing The Right Technology

2019 will favor fashion retailers who commit to tracking the right metrics

Survey participants allotted an average score of 5.5 to this priority area.

This result predicts that successful online fashion retailers will take the guesswork out of their business decisions in 2019. They will consistently use the relevant metrics to interpret the performance of advertising campaigns and product pages and adopt the right marketing strategies.

Providing An Omni-channel Experience

Omni-channel retailing will only heighten in 2019. 72% of the survey predicts that in 2019, online fashion retailers who will focus on delivering a seamless customer experience will dominate the e-commerce industry.

We can expect online fashion retailers to invest more in strategies that integrate shopping platforms by bridging the gap between online and offline channels. Retailers will also be expected to analyze customer profiles to understand their preferences, improve website navigation and invest in campaigns that generate offline sales.

Improve Branding/Position In The Marketplace

Proper branding will continue to contribute significantly to the success of the e-commerce fashion industry. Online fashion retailers who will continue to strengthen their brand position are more likely to succeed in 2019. Ambitious retailers will make considerable efforts to establish their brands as a preferred destination for online shoppers, despite the fierce competition.

69% out of the total number of survey participants gave a high score, confirming that branding will be the in-thing in the 2019 online fashion retail industry.

Increase Engagement With Prospects

Online stores that increase engagement with prospects will bloom.

e-commerce fashion retailers who will thrive in the coming year will make significant efforts to capture the attention of shoppers by providing fast and relevant information to keep them engaged for long.

Gathering data on the behavior and attitudes of shoppers is just as important as providing quality user-generated content for their rapid consumption.

The e-commerce fashion industry scored this priority area 5.1.

Capturing Quality Leads

Investment in high-quality leads will continue to be a critical online fashion retail trend in 2019. E-Commerce fashion retailers with the drive to succeed will need to focus on generating high-quality leads to expand their businesses in the next 12 months.

This might involve optimizing landing pages for lead generation and conversion, launching effective social media campaigns and using relevant email capture tools.

For this priority area, an average score of 5.1 was recorded.  

Top 3 Upcoming Challenges in the Online Fashion Retail Industry

Here are the top three challenges online fashion retailers are likely to face in the year 2019.  


Converting Shoppers Into Customers

Turning shoppers into customers will be the primary concern for online fashion retailers in 2019.

75% of survey participants do think that it will be the highest challenge for the e-commerce fashion industry.

There is no cast in stone strategies for online fashion retailers to convert shoppers into customers. The options are varied which makes it the responsibility of retailers to select plans that are tailored to their businesses and are effective at turning shoppers into customers.

One key strategy that is winning millennial shoppers over and converting them to repeat customers is user-generated content. Other effective tactics include optimizing landing pages for conversion, providing live chat software and creating personalized experiences.

Positive ROI From Advertising

Maximizing ROI from advertising campaigns and identifying new ways to improve results will be the second key challenge of the e-commerce fashion industry in 2019.

72% of survey participants ranked it second on the list of expected challenges online fashion retailers will face in 2019.

Providing An Omni-channel Experience

In 2019, 75% of participants think the e-commerce fashion industry will be deeply concerned about how to get omni-channel marketing right.

A strong understanding of omni-channel marketing is key to selecting the right digital strategies to drive customer engagement and increase conversion rates.  Survey participants predict that it will be the third most significant challenge for online fashion retailers in 2019.

Participants recorded an average score of 5.

Final Thoughts

Online fashion retailers who are likely to succeed in 2019 will be those that will track the performance of their advertising campaigns, develop strategies to convert shoppers into customers and leverage user-generated content to increase conversion rates. 

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