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Amp up your content with Bllush

Social media shapes the way we shop online. Studies show that social content affects 87% of customer choices. In response, online retailers began embedding the Social into their platforms. This allows them to accommodate more engaging content and attract more customers. But also, provides retailers with insights about trends and allows them to create inspirational shopping experiences.

Today, consumers are expecting retailers to provide a unique shopping experience online, full of rich, inspiring content.

In return, brands enjoy higher user engagement which also boosts CTR.

According to an A/B testing we did, user engagement was 3 times higher with influencer photos compared to the standard studio photos.

We at Bllush want to allow you a glimpse to how it’s done.

By detecting your shopper’s trends, showing relevant visuals and driving them into your product pages, our platform ensures that shoppers always have the best content that is most likely to convert them into buyers.

Core Features

How it works

  • Your Products: Scanning your product feed using AI technology
  • UGC + Your Brand Assets: Automaticly matching your products with influencer content and your brand assets
  • Trend Detection: Discovering unique trends specific for your brand
  • Shoppable Content: Tagging products on images and converting them into shoppable content
  • CMS: Providing full control over content through an easy to use content management system
  • Unique Shopping Experience: Boosting your shoppers engagement and conversion rate


  • Increase Conversion & Generate more revenue
    Make sure you show only the highest converting images on your website.
  • Increase Efficiency & Save time
    Say goodbye to spending hours to find trends and content or tag products manually.
  • Build Brand Awareness
    Engage more, inspire more, offer a lifestyle.

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