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Baur Outfit Inspiration Page

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Here at Bllush we have been busy with new clients and innovative projects. Our newest client is with Baur, a German retailer with more than $470 million in annual sales. We worked together in order to give shoppers outfit ideas and show them different combinations. The page, titled Outfit Ideas, is now live

Baur’s online store was launched in 1999, and since then, Baur has grown to be one of the most popular fashion retailers in Germany. Their products include fashion, furniture and even toys. Baur is committed to providing an interactive shopping experience and values user content. 

Therefore, they decided to work with Bllush on their new inspiration page. Using our technology, social media images are matched with Baur’s products. Our technology searches, selects and matches relevant content published on Instagram. The product of this is a content rich inspiration page in which customers can visualize different outfit combinations from social media influencers.

Customers are able to scroll down and look at different images from Instagram. If they like an outfit, they can click on the image and look at similar products sold in the website. This an effective way to inspire customers because they are able to discover new styles and purchase items that they like. 

Baur is on the right track with new high quality content which will increase their user engagement. We have enjoyed working with Baur in our journey to redesign the online shopping experience! 

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