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Bllush Partnership with Lesara

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We love kicking off the year with a bang! Lesara – one of the newest, fastest growing online retailers have recently become Bllush’s newest partner.

What makes Lesara so awesome?

The online fashion and lifestyle retailer was founded in 2013 and has shown extraordinary growth in the industry. The company has its head office in Berlin, Germany and their production factory in Guangzhou, China. This means they are in a unique position to also be both producing and shipping their products independently. Lesara now supplies 22 countries in Europe, including Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Portugal and others. The success of the new company cannot be overlooked. In fact, it can be consideredas one of the fastest growing online retail stores in Europe. Berlin is the company’s strongest growth market at the moment, generating around 60% of Lesara’s sales.

Lesara Differentiation

Lesara states that their mission as a company is to provide customers with a range of quality fashion and lifestyle products for the best possible price. The online retail store managed to change the face of the fashion industry by using agile retail. This is a direct-to-consumer retail model that uses big data to predict trends. The company uses data analysis, acquiring data from many different sources. This helps to further identify currently trendy clothing and makes it easier for consumers in Europe to buy ‘directly’ from factories located in Asia. Also, it allows the company to maintain the product quality, affordability, and the newest fashion and lifestyle trends.

Bllush’s Partnership with Lesara

Lesara quickly understood that Bllush’s service will improve and enhance the growing retail store. By using our technologies, Lesara can provide an awesome ‘Streetstyle’ page for their customers. This inspiration page includes images of social media influencers matched with products sold on Lesara. Our technology searches, selects and matches relevant content published on social media, resulting in a well-rounded and content rich inspiration page. This allows consumers to firstly visualize the products they are viewing and also combines the newest styles and trends based on personal tastes. With the different themes and trends that are displayed in the inspiration page we aim to inspire consumers all over the world.

We’re proud to be working side-by-side with one of the trendiest retailers in the industry.

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