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Bllush Partnership with Myntra

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2018 has been an extremely exciting year for us here at Bllush, full of rewarding collaborations with companies from all over the globe. Our newest client, Myntra, is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, and is one of the leading online fashion retailers in the country. Using Bllush’s platform, Myntra has improved their user experience and incorporated a new section to their website.

About Myntra

Myntra began with the initial objective of selling personalized gift items back when it was founded in 2007, though today they are one of the biggest fashion and home/lifestyle product sellers in India. In 2014, Myntra was bought by Flipkart, an E-Commerce company that dominates the Indian market (even beating Amazon). This year, Walmart acquired a 77% stake in Flipkart, and invested $2 billion towards Flipkart’s development and expansion.

Where Bllush Comes In

Myntra recognized the increasing influence of “style inspiration” blogger photos on the modern consumer, and realized that Bllush’s services could help incorporate this contemporary marketing strategy on their website. With our services, Myntra introduced a new section to their website called “Mynstagram: Looks We Love From Across the Globe.” The layout, as to be expected from the play-on-words title, is modeled off of Instagram- it displays blogger images based on Myntra’s chosen trend categories, and takes consumers to “shop the look” with just one simple click. Following style inspiration and finding perfectly coordinated pieces has never been easier!

After clicking on the Mynstagram blogger image, the user can view similar products sold by Myntra.

The E-Commerce Market in India

The Indian E-Commerce market is one of the most promising in the world, with nearly 500 million Internet users and more than 1 billion mobile phone users (with continuous annual growth). With such a large population and such a high percentage of Internet and mobile users, it should come as no surprise that Indian corporations are tapping into this rapidly growing marketplace. This is mutually beneficial for both the companies and the consumers, as it makes the shopping process quick, seamless, and convenient- with thousands or even millions of product options at the touch of their fingertips.

Nothing excites us more than helping retailers make the shopping experience inspiring, easy, and fun for their customers. We firmly believe that interactive shopping experiences like those we provide through Bllush are the way of the future. We’re proud to work with such an inspiring partner like Myntra!

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