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Bllush Partnership with Otto

Tel Aviv, March 18th, 2020 – We are happy to announce that Bllush will be going online on Otto Austria after officially partnering with UNITO-Group at the end of 2019. UNITO is a member of the Otto Group, and Otto is currently one of the biggest fashion e-commerce companies world-wide, with an annual revenue of $3.56 billion. They offer a vast amount of unique fashion items as well as local products. 

Otto uses cutting edge technology and social media images, becoming one of the leading e-commerce stores when it comes to customer engagement. Not only this, they are now doing so by means of user generated content from social media and social media influencers to inspire their website visitors. Bllush enables them to do so by offering such content for Otto to inspire their users.

Previous research done by Bllush has highlighted two of its current initiatives. These being an offline to online bridge in commerce and a trends page. Otto is a modern company and as such aims to stay up-to-date with the most current initiatives when it comes to customer engagement online. It has long known of the power and value of shoppable content. 

The partnership will provide them with a discovery page with inspirational content from social influencers.


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