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How Vivense Increases Revenue with Inspiring Content

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“Bllush helps us efficiently create engaging content experiences based on new trends. The technology enables us to create high-quality rich inspiration pages quickly.“

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About Vivense:

Vivense offers a curated selection of home products with a special focus on furniture through its website and many showrooms. Vivense is proposing a new shopping experience with its omni-channel approach while managing the whole process from manufacturing to last mile delivery supported by its in-house developed technology.

© Image by Vivense

Vivense Mission:

Vivense is building a symbiotic network between manufacturers, service providers, and customers. The goal is to establish a new experience of offline and online shopping. This includes improving the buying experience for larger furniture items such as dining sets, sofas, and bedroom sets. Vivense provides a one-stop-shop and also includes interior design consultation, shipping, and assembly.

One of the buzzwords for 2018 at Vivense was “inspiration”. The whole company was dedicated to inspiring their shoppers through quality content on the web, a friendly interior design consultation in their cozy showrooms and well-designed private label product collections.

© Image by Vivense


Before implementing Bllush’s product, the company was aware of several issues that were impacting their revenue goals:

  • Creating good content for the audience: most modern shoppers want to consume content before making a buy decision. There was an increased demand for generating valuable content for online shoppers on the online store.
  • Converting shoppers into customers: create unique content with shoppable content. This takes much time and resources to get right.
  • Providing an omni-channel experience: the buying journey of big furniture products (e.g., sofas) is unique and may include many paths to purchase. Most shoppers start to browse online, visit a showroom and might return to the website. The challenge is to make the buying experience consistent.


Major comparison criteria were:

  • User-experience: how easy to use the platform to create and publish content
  • Implementation: how easy and fast to implement the technology
  • Access to engaging and inspiring content from interior designers (user-generated content)

Based on rigorous testing, the team under the leadership of Hakan Soğukpınar (Head of Product, Vivense) selected Bllush’s product, Story.

Story allows the Vivense team to publish engaging visual “articles”. Each Story showcases a trend along with relevant images sourced from influencers. Products from Vivense’s catalog are matched to each Story automatically. The Vivense content team can view the recommended trends and edit to align with their brand voice.

Another factor in the decision was the ability to select the matched products automatically. Bllush’s visual search capabilities provide this eliminating the need to manually tag each content piece to products from the catalog.

Bllush connects to Vivense’s existing product catalog seamlessly (CSV/XML or API). The product recommendations are then updated when a product goes out of stock or no longer meets one of the business rules.

The fact that Story also has trend detection functionality enhanced the solution fit for Vivense. Bllush’s technology creates trend predictions by first indexing the product catalog. Afterward, analyzing all the available text and visual attributes. Trends are created ad-hoc for each store by using the characteristics of products sold.


By using Story on their website the company benefited from:

  • Converting more shoppers into customers:
    • Story pages have a higher Google Analytics Page Value than other pages of the same level.
  • Increase engagement with prospects:
    • Shoppers spend more time on Story pages
    • Story pages have 50% lower exit rates than other pages.
  • Increase in productivity:
    • Create content more efficiently and consistently.
    • Seamless and enjoyable user experience.

A last, expected gain is Vivense’s plan to increase the usage of Story on more product pages and give access to more users. This will increase Vivense’s revenues and its users’ productivity.

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“Using Bllush, we’re able to create engaging content experiences efficiently. The technology enables us to create high-quality rich inspiration pages quickly. In 2018, over one million page views were served from Bllush’s technology.”

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Vivense provides a true omni-channel experience while creating good content for their shoppers. One of Vivense’s goals is to double its revenue in 2019. Using Bllush, their Story pages received over 1M page views reduced exit rates and increased conversion rates. The team is using Bllush daily to create content and inspire their users.

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