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Festive Collaboration with Zalando

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Happy Holidays! We are thrilled to announce another successful collaboration with one of our leading partners. The innovative collaboration between Zalando and Bllush started in September, with a user generated content (UGC) project for sportwear. The partnership included connecting the fast growing micro-influencer market on social media with products sold on Zalando’s store. This includes displaying the variations of product sold, including shoes, clothes, and other fashion items. Hence, allowing customers to get inspired and adapt to new fashion trends.

Inspiration Page on

For this specific joint project, our system selects and matches user generated content with products sold on Zalando’s catalog. The tagging is based on one theme: the Festive season. This includes chic and elegant styles for festive events for both men and women. All content matches a certain color palette (red, green & blue colors) in order to correspond to the holiday spirit. This allows customers to first get a taste for the upcoming trends and also get inspired on how to match and wear certain items. After using an image of an influencer, their name is published alongside the image in order to expose them further. Bllush’s content system carefully chooses and selects user generated content that fitsthe criteria of this collaboration, successfully matching a wide variety of inspirations.

“Get the Look”

Zalando, one of the leading retailers, understood that this would improve the user experience in several ways. Firstly, by allowing the customer to visualize a combination of products sold online and therefore, get a better idea of how to incorporate these styles in their daily life. Secondly, by creating a common ground between its customers by portraying a specific theme that many share, the holiday season. Their advanced search capabilities and wide variety of products made this partnership successful.


Inspirations matched by Bllush

We’re satisfied and excited that leading retail stores such as Zalando realized the advantages of using Bllush’s advanced technology. This allows them to create a connection between user-generated content and online shopping. Even though the process of finding, selecting and matching images with products isn’t an easy task, Bllush has successfully matched hundreds of styles, allowing users to get inspired and have an even greater experience when shopping on Zalando.

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