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Flinders Design Partnership

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We are excited to announce a partnership one of the leading retailers in Europe: Flinders.

The Dutch online furniture store has grown rapidly in the last years, adding localized German and Belgium stores to its website. Due to their growth, Flinders has won two awards and has also been nominated for the fastest growing company in the Netherlands by the Financial Daily in 2016.

What makes Flinders special?

Flinders offers over 18,000 furniture products, including designer lamps and home accessories. It is their goal to make quality design items accessible to everyone. Besides their online store, Flinders provides customers with a physical store in Zaandam, Netherlands. This hybrid model takes the best of both worlds: easy purchasing and also customer service. It supplies consumers with more flexibility and options when purchasing products.

Flinders Cafés

The company runs a unique concept which we have never seen before, Flinders Cafés. These are actual coffee shops unlike any other. Not only can you enjoy delicious and healthy food, but you can purchase the entire interior on the spot via available tablets. There are two locations in the Netherlands. This gives customers the opportunity to get inspired in a chic, modern cafe by experiencing first-hand the products they are interested in.

The Products

Flinders sells over 100 design labels in their collection. The online retail store offers a wide range of designer furniture and lighting from Dutch, Scandinavian and Italian brands, as well as design labels from Japan, the UK and Switzerland. These labels include, Kartell, Hay, Muuto, Norman Copenhagen and many more. With their own inspiration pages, Flinders has already understood the value of adding content to their websites. Using images from social media, Bllush is connecting inspirational images with products sold on Flinders. This allows consumers to visualize how products look in a real-life setting. The content is displayed as short visual “Stories”, which each cover a specific trend or product line.

We believe Flinders is on the path to greatness. The new Trend section is inspiring customers and helping them place these products in their own homes. Using Bllush’s software, Flinders have the ability to publish high quality content which is showing significant improvements in the user engagement.

Bllush allows online retailers to create and publish high-quality content to their website visitors. Read more about how our solution can help interior design retailers.

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