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How Bllush Works?

Bllush is a content based service that users can consume via an API. In this post we’ll explain  how Bllush’s flow works. The following diagram shows the main components in our flow. We will dive deeper into each one below:

How Bllush Works


Bllush works with content creators through our Creators program. These creators create and upload content regularly which is published on Instagram as well as other social media channels.

This content is scanned and copied directly to our servers giving us access to millions of unique images. Creators are getting paid through royalty fees whenever their content is used. This gives Bllush commercial licensing to use their content on retailers websites.


Once new content is pulled, we run different background processes to prepare it for curation. This includes cataloging process such as visual search and image recognition algorithms. We then work together with our Creators to curate the content to match the retailer product catalog and when the content is ready it goes through our content experts for reviewing and QA. Finally, the content is approved and is ready to publish.


When ready-to-go content is available our customer can consume it through our API. Our customers are now able to create awesome experiences without the pre-processing and curation of the raw content. Examples for experiences built through our API can be found on the Explore Experiences page.

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