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How it works

We are a marketplace connecting content with commerce

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  • 02
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  • 01 Let us know what you sell by connecting your product catalog
  • 02 Your products are matched with fashion content which is pulled from leading content creators
  • 03 Launch new user experiences on your store or app using the content matched

How do retailers connect to the content

  • Connect catalog - help us understand what products you sell

  • Order content - purchase content in a variety of formats all curated by Bllush Creators

  • Publish - connect to the purchased content and build your frontend experience


I still don’t understand how it works?

We connect fashion retailers with a lot of inspiring content. This content, usually images, shows real people wearing fashion products. Using our platform, retailers can access this content and embed it within their stores.

How do you have content of my products?

We have millions of images of fashion outfits. By analyzing your product catalog, we look for content that fits your products. This can either be images of the same products you sell, or images of similar products which look alike.

Is it legal to use these images?

Of course! We enter into agreements with all the creators of our images. By using content we provide you, you are given licence to use this content commercially.

How do you connect to my product catalog?

You need to provide us with a product feed in CSV format. This files needs to have all the relevant details on your products and be updated regularly. We use the same format as Google Shopping and Facebook ads.

How do I order content?

After signing up for an account, you will use our interface to order content. You will be able to personalise the content according to different parameters.

Do I need my developers to build this?

Yes. After ordering content, your developers will need to integrate the content into the web interface or app. We offer a very simple to use API.