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How Smart Content Platforms Help Furniture Retailers

There is no doubt that content marketing is still the king and e-commerce giants keep increasing their content marketing budget. Content creation takes a lot of time and also takes  the biggest share of your marketing budget (32% according to a research by Target Marketing)

Indeed, if you are a big online retailer and have a lot of visual content on your website, you need a big team and a considerable budget to detect trends, write the article, find images, etc. But what if there was a tool that could help automate part of this process.

In this blog post, we’ll show how using a smart content platform can help online retailers improve content.

Why using a smart content solution?

Many of the leading e-commerce companies uses content marketing to inspire and engage with their clients.

Most of them have a large content team that creates inspiration pages (shop the look, lifestyle, tips and articles, etc.).
This means constantly working on finding trends, creating the content, measuring effectiveness, manually tagging all the products and continuously making sure that the products displayed are in the stocks. All manually! Wow! That’s a lot of work.
Some of them even have multiple domains to maintain, so scaling is a big issue.

Yes, keeping your content marketing process in-house is definitely a valid strategy, no one has better insights on your clients than your own marketing team, right? But why doing it manually? If your content team starts using a smart content platform, they will:

And this is how:

1) Free up your content team’s time

You pay them a lot! A smart content platform will automate most of the time-consuming parts of content creation (explained below). So, members of the content team (each should be paid around 50k€ a year) can focus on more value-added parts of the process such as strategy and management. Plus, they can publish even more content than they are able to do now.

  • Finding creative ideas / trends:

Finding creative ideas or trends every month can be tough. A smart content platform provides automatic trend detection which reveals unique trends (not generic!) within your product portfolio and definitely shortens the time to find and create inspiring content.

According to a research by Orbit Media, the average blog post takes 3 hours 20 minutes to write. For example, 10 articles a month, can take 33 hours – 4.2 working days!

  • Finding the perfect image:

Finding the most inspiring and engaging image can be tough, especially when you have tons photos to choose from.
A smart content platform will offer high converting images (whether within licensed influencer images or mood images) based on the criteria you set and automatically match it with the trend.

  • Creating the inspiration pages:

Creating a user-friendly content page can be frustrating and time consuming. A smart content platform will offer easy to use drag and drop template.

  • Product matching and tagging:

Manual product matching and tagging is as well very time consuming. Finding the product name, price, doing manual stock control, placing it in the right place etc. Especially if you are a retailer working with hundreds of brands and thousands of products. If you use a smart content platform that handles the tagging process for you, your team won’t have to spend their time to manually tag all these products.

Image from Home24
Image from Home24

2) Provide better UX that will lead to conversion

  • Choosing high converting images:

Besides saving time, thanks to AI, using a smart content platform will enable you to choose the most engaging and high converting images. You are investing a lot on the content pages, make sure they bring high ROI!

  • Inventory control:

The worst thing could happen is when a client clicks on an item on the ‘get the look page’ and the item is out of stock! A lost sale! Using a smart content platform that synchronizes with your inventory will make sure that this will never happen. The images on the ‘get the look page’ will be updated automatically according to your stocks.

3) Align your content strategy to drive profit

Product mix and match can be tricky. There are products that sell very well and some that don’t. A good content strategy should take into account company’s current priorities. For example, increasing profitability, increasing cart size, etc.

  • Increasing profitability:

Focusing on products that have the highest margins or promoting products with excess stock to eliminate your stock costs will increase profitability.
A smart system algorithm can help matching the most profitable products with the content published.

  • Increasing cart size:

Increase cart size through up-sell by using smart mix and match of products. A smart system algorithm that can mix and match high and low selling SKUs and provide relevant suggestions can help you with that.

To sum up

Content is key, yet having a rich and engaging content that brings high ROI requires effort and costs money. Companies that invest a lot in content and manage the process manually, can save time and money, increase content’s ROI and increase profit by using a smart content platform.

Bllush is a software company specializing in developing AI solutions for the online retail market. Using Bllush’s platform, fashion and interior design retailers can easily publish high quality, licensed content directly to website visitors.

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