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Increase Your Advertising ROI With These 10 Tips

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Ten tips for eCommerce Marketing managers from the fashion industry on how to get positive ROI from advertising
When it comes to e-commerce businesses, every fashion company has a goal of building a profitable brand while generating positive ROI. The question here is “How can this be achieved?” Here, we are going to discuss a few most useful e-commerce marketing tricks that will help every business owner to increase the revenue by improving the ROI of the brand.
There is no business owner today who is unaware of the power of online marketing, yet, there remains a challenge to grow the business into a well known and renowned brand. Although, when it comes to fashion retail market, the essential characteristics remain same still there is a specific set of particulars that varies in every individual product including the targeted shoppers, demographics, and targeted market.
Below we are defining ten tips for e-commerce managers from the fashion industry on how to get positive ROI from advertising
Online advertising is one of the most reliable modes of advertising for every fashion business for adequate growth. Below are some of the tested and proven tricks that every e-commerce manager from fashion industry should follow to achieve positive ROI.

1. Strong Visuals with Quality will attract more people

Yes, we all know the visuals have more impact on the memory that text. When it comes to an advertisement in respect of the fashion industry, quality visuals are essential. Especially in the fashion retail market, the larger than life image of the product will improve the brand’s ROI.

2. Say No to Selling on the Homepage

When it comes to an online fashion store, it is vital to establish credibility and trust among all the potential shoppers. Remember, the homepage of your online fashion store is not for selling your products or displaying the prices. It has been tested and proved by several successful e-commerce managers of the fashion industry that home page should only contain the promotional offers, and marketing strategies that would encourage the potential buyer to explore through products.
Also, adding customer reviews on the homepage can radically increase the conversion rate of your fashion e-store.

3. Skip the Boring Product Descriptions

We all often see that boring product descriptions on the fashion stores online can become a mood changer for a customer. So, it is a big “NO” to the boring product descriptions. Highlight the product specification in the form of story to attract potential shoppers. Also, include the Product review, FAQs to add a spark to your product’s description online.

4. Keep Your Fashion E-Store Updated

Many successful e-commerce managers of fashion industry would agree with this point. The updated web-store improves the ROI significantly. For example, if you own an online fashion store, it is vital that you keep updating the products, and keep advertising them so that you can attract more and more people every day. Adding new products regularly and updating the website will not only help improve the SERP (Search Engine Rank of Pages) of your store but, will also engage more shoppers to your site. This way you can ensure that the customer becomes “returning customer” for your brand online.

5. Customized Email Marketing, the Re-advertising and Targeting Strategy

Who among us is not aware of the power of email marketing? The most common mistake, however, is the blind email marketing for every customer. Remember, email marketing is one of the strongest ways of building a relationship with shoppers. Instead of blindly throwing emails in your customer’s inboxes, sit back and try to figure out what your shoppers want? The answer to this question is the best strategy for your email marketing. Once, you figure out the interests of your customer, and you can frame the emails in respect to those products and offers and increase the ROI through email marketing. Email Marketing is one of the strongest ways of re-advertising, and thus, when it comes to advertising for E-commerce fashion stores online, this is one of the most useful means of retargeting the shoppers.

6. Advertise Looks

This is one of the most interesting strategies that e-commerce managers in the fashion industry are following these days. Instead of selling individual items, it is way more convenient for the buyers if they can purchase the entire combo or what we say as “look.” The selling of complete sets of dresses and accessories will attract more audience and improve your fashion store’s ROI. Presenting and advertising the “look-wise products” will increase the effect of advertisement for the shoppers.

7. Video Advertisements

Video Advertising is also one of the most durable mediums that are used by several successful e-commerce marketing managers.
Videos tend to fetch more interest of the buyers as compared to image or text advertisements. So, if you are planning out the advertising strategy for your brand does not forget to add in the point of Video Advertisements.

8. Take Advantage of Social Networking Platforms.

When it comes to advertisement, social networking websites play an essential part in hiking the awareness of your brand. A good e-commerce marketing manager understands this and formulates the marketing strategy juicing out all the possible advantages from these social networking platforms through advertisement such as Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, etc.

9. Offers and Discounts, The Best Means to Advertise

The most natural and most profitable means of e-commerce advertising is to deliver different offers and discounts on your products continuously. It is human nature to fall for discounts and offers. This is the means using which almost every e-commerce marketing manager (no matter small or big brands) have increased the ROI of the brand. We all know that offers and discounts tend to attract people, thus, while framing the perfect advertisement for your brand, make sure that you have some quirky offers and discounts for the customers.

10. Be Smart When It Comes to Reviews, Link Advertisement With The Reviews

There is no such thing as perfect. Remember that if there are people who love one product, there are going to be an almost equal amount of people who hate the same. No one product can win the heart of every type of customer. So, if you are planning to display all the positive customer reviews, think again. The perfect string of customer reviews is the mix of good and evil. So, be smart and do not just post everything positive about your brand, this will trigger the suspicion in the buyers. Hence, when it comes to advertising, make sure that you link your advertisement with the review page of the product, this way you can increase the ROI of your website while influencing more and more shoppers to purchase the product while verifying the quality of the same.

Final thoughts:

Mentioned above are some of the most excellent tips that every e-commerce marketing manager in the fashion industry should follow.
All these points jumbled together will frame a perfect marketing strategy for the online fashion retail store

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