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Interior Design Partnership with Vivense

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The New Year is just around the corner, just in time to review one of our latest interior design partners. Vivense is one of the leading furniture retails in Turkey, which is a growing country when it comes to online retail. The partnership between Vivense and Bllush was established several months ago.

Turkey’s e-commerce market has grown 22% annually over the past five years and continues to expand due to top retail stores such as Vivense. Turkey has adapted the idea of e-commerce realizing the wide range of advantages it provides for consumers. Online retail allows them to quickly and efficiently buy products online and in showrooms.

Vivense offers a wide range of products, including tables, sofas, chairs, beds and decorative accessories and has managed to grow in an extraordinary pace of 400% per year becoming more successful with demand increasing annuallyThe retail store offers great customer service due to their hybrid model, selling both online and in showrooms. This allows customers more flexibility and options when purchasing products.

Latest Trends
Although initially focusing on clothing trends, Bllush has realized the opportunities of offering solutions within the interior design fieldSimilarly, Vivense, one of Bllush’s first interior design partners became fully aware of the advantages of the services offered. Interior design is complex in the sense that it depends on personal tastes and needs. Solutions for this niche can assist consumers that need to be inspired and yet have a clear idea of what they might be looking for. Bllush is a perfect solution for consumers to find the “extra detail” that will make their room pop!

With Bllush’s Story technology, Vivense is able to publish over 25 stories a month portraying a specific trend that aims to inspires visitors. For example, an inspirational story about “Light Games” showing the variety of lamps and decorative lights. These stories include a theme linking a range of user generated images as well as a simple yet detailed description of this trend. This will not only help inspire customers to use these products in their own designs but also help them understand the value of how the product can be used. The success cannot be overlooked with the stories showing positive KPI metrics in terms of user engagement and clicks.


Vivense managed to improve their user experience by using the advanced technologies that Bllush offers. This leads to consumers exploring and discovering new trends for their own design needs. We are excited to further continue this partnership by creating more inspirational stories in 2018, displaying the variety of useful and trendy products sold by Vivense.

For more information on our products, visit our website on Interior Design.

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