The Rise & Fall Of Bllush

A detailed post-mortem of a semi-successful SaaS


Most startups fail. As they should. That’s part of life.

When a company shuts down, it’s digital footprint is quickly forgotten as founders move on.

The goal of this website is to be a post-mortem project to document the rise and fall of Bllush. To help entrepreneurs, investors and product executives learn from our achievements and failures. Startup failure should be embraced, and not a source of shame.

The information on this website was written to be fully transparent, for good and bad.

Many stories I have never shared outside the company will be revealed here:

  • The story of how we signed the famous Zalando as a client, and also the story of how TenenGroup fired us.
  • The techniques we used to hire amazing employees, and also how we wasted $500,000 on sales initiates before having true product-market-fit.
  • How it feels to work with smart, supporting investors. But also interactions with ego-driven VCs I won’t ever want to work with.

The content in this website will likely piss some people off – which is OK and a risk I’m willing to take.

This website will be freely available until 2030. Hopefully, the 10 year server cost will not be in vain. Happy reading and education.

Tomer Dean
Co-Founder & CEO