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Is Instashop enough?

There is no better way to get to the millennial hearts today than with great user generated content (UGC). The fact is that today, young shoppers want to get inspired by young influencers.

Research taken by Yotpo discovered 77% of users prefer seeing customer photos when making a purchase decision 

But how do we deal with this issue when we are a big retailer, featuring hundreds of brands and thousands of products?
In this blog post, I will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of having Instashop.

Advantages of Instashop

So, we established that having an Instashop on your website is a must. But there are some disadvantages to having Instashop as the only UGC on your e-commerce platform.

Disadvantages of Instashop

Once you choose the right photos and receive influencers license agreement, there are a few more difficulties you can stumble upon. Here are some examples from big retailers who are using Instashop:

What happens when the content remains on your Instashop but the product ran out of stock?
This requires a lot of manual work, 
constantly updating each product.
It is especially hard when dealing with thousands of product and content images.’s Instashop print screen


Monsoon’s Instashop print screen


Forever21’s Instashop print screen



Boohoo’s Instashop print screen


Because the retailer doesn’t control the way the photo is taken and what it shows it can create mismatches which confuses the shopper.

Monsoon’s Instashop print screen’s Instashop – talking about the jacket but displaying the pants


Another problem with Instashop is that it is sometimes mixed with studio photos and when the users sees that it confuses him and created distrust when it comes to the other UGC content.

Forever 21’s Instashop print screen

What else can retailers do to gain great UGC’s to their website?

Here are some of the options Bllush provides:

  • By using our own influencers licensed photos, we can match similar products and offer the shopper a full ‘shop the look’ experience, with links to the actual products.

view example here

  • When a product is out of stock it is replaced with a different product that matches the look – no manual work, this is automated
  • No mismatches, only accurate items show
  • Never ending UGC’s. Photos and content processed through us
  • Trend Detection technology find interesting groupings of products within your inventory. Those trends are then matched to influencer images for an explosive effect. see example

To summarize:

  • UGC is key in gaining millennial’s hearts and loyalty
  • Instashop is a must for every brand that deals with hundreds of brands and products
  • Instashop also has some disadvatages and requires a lot of manual work
  • Instashop cannot be the only UGC source for big retailers
  • To handle the amounts of UGC’s and reduce manual work, e-commerce retailers are adviced to use the right technology to get great content in an efficient way. 

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