The Rise & Fall Of Bllush

A detailed post-mortem of a semi-successful SaaS


Bllush was officially incorporated in November 2016 and was active for almost four years before closing down in 2020.

This website will outline how we operated, the policies we created and what we learned. The website is split by function to be helpful for any member of a startup. From founders & fundraising, marketing & sales to finance & HR, we are laying it all out in the open. In each section we will discuss our initial strategy vs what actually happened. In order to be fully transparent and comprehensive, some sections incorporate opinions from different stakeholders from Bllush employees to investors and customers. I have asked everyone to be fully transparent, provide raw data and insights. This project is not meant to make us “look good” and it might not be pretty, but it’s what happened.

Tomer Dean
Co-Founder & CEO