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Product Filter Benchmarks You Need to Know

An Analysis of average number of filters/categories available across online retailers.

When shopping online people are bombarded with a vast number of products. When searching for a jacket on online stores, the numbers offered are often in the thousands. In order to help people choose the right product and find what they are looking for, categorical filters are offered in most online stores to narrow down users’ options. This raises the question of what number of filters stands out? 

In order to analyse the average amount of filter categories present across online fashion retailers, the number of filters present for dresses and jackets across twenty stores were calculated.


The average amount of filters present across online retailers was 10.7 for dresses and 9 for Jackets. The number ranged between 5 and 19 categorical filters for the products.  

The most common filters found for all products and across all stores were ‘size’, ‘colour’, ‘brand’, and ‘price’. Filters ranged from different sleeve lengths all the way to different material and pattern options. 

Several stores included unique filters that were not found alike anywhere else. These included the following:

  • The retailers Zalando, ASOS, Nordstrom and, included filters that related to sustainability responsibility when it came to materials to include products made of sustainable materials or recycled fabrics. Farfetch also included the filter ‘Positively Farfetch’ which refers to positivity conscious products.
  • The retailers NEXT and Zappos also include unique filters related to size including ‘size type’ and ‘Petite & Plus Top Sizes’.   
  • NEXT also included a ‘made with’ filter related to the fabric as well as a ‘design feature’ filter related to the dress design.
  • To further narrow product searches down, Farfetch allows customers to ‘Create Fit Profile’ which allows customers to set up sizes in advance for different products. 

For both dresses (19 filters) and jackets (18 filters), Zalando offered customers the widest range of categories and was uniquely designed in comparison to some of the other stores. 

Furthermore, the Mean, Median, Maximum and Minimum number of filters across the stores were calculated.


The average amount of filters offered for dresses were 10.7, with a Median equal to 10.5. The Maximum amount of filters offered for dresses were 19 on Zalando and the Minimum amount of filters offered were 5 on NA-KD.


The average amount of filters offered for jackets and coats were 9, with a Median that equal to 8. The Maximum amount of filters offered for jackets were 18 on Zalando and the Minimum amount of filters offered were 5 on ZOOT, NA-KD, and Urban Outfitters


In order to measure the average amount of filters offered to customers across fashion online retailers, a total number of 20 stores were considered. For each of these stores the filters offered for Dresses as well as Jackets were counted. These were then compared and used for analysis. 

The 20 stores were the following: Zalando, ASOS, New Look, NEXT, River Island, Macy’s, Farfetch, Nordstrom,, Amazon, ZOOT, Matalan, Marks & Spencer,, NA-KD, Urban Outfitters, Zappos, About You, Heine, Boohoo


Several limitations must be noted with regards to the findings found above. Firstly when measuring the number of filters offered for Jackets, some stores included Coats, Jackets and Blazers, whereas other stores separated these products and hence filters might have potentially differed. Secondly, the number of items offered for each product ranged between 100 and approximately 20000 items. Thirdly, for future research it may be recommended to further research this experimentally to determine the actual effects of a greater number of filters.

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