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Integration Between Bllush and Google Tag Manager (GTM)

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Here are few combinations that are entirely better with each other — Bacon and Eggs; Cookies and Cream Ice Cream; Burger and Fries.

And now, you can add Bllush and Google Tag Manager (GTM) to that list.

We know it’s not food, but this integration will make the person who handles your GTM platform very happy 🙂

Usually, the person who analyzes the online store data strives to unite all the data from different platforms in one place. Unfortunately, for most e-commerce companies, the person needs to aggregate the reports from GTM with external reports. This step requires manual effort that takes valuable time (and can be quite annoying).

Get the insights you need to convert more shoppers into buyers

We at Bllush understand that to make better choices you need the right information: accurate and real-time.

Your team can then translate this data into insights and suggested action items that help convert more online shoppers into buyers.

Harnessing the power of GTM

Bllush’s analytics is streaming key events directly to the customer’s GTM account.

Customers can now see in their GTM reports precisely the amount of image-views (Bllush’s influencer content), product-clicks and the click-through rates(CTR).

That way, our customers have the ability and the flexibility that GTM gives: easily track and filter that data with the rest of the data that they collect.

Bllush Integration

The events pushed by Bllush are GTM custom events triggers. After your tech team creates the data layer variable in Tag Manager, Bllush’s platform can easily connect to it and start pushing events. When the trigger is applied (product-click for example), a custom event with the relevant data is pushed to the data layer. Tag Manager then detects the custom event and proceeds to handle the event.

This Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration is available for both our products: Discovery and Story

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