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TOM TAILOR vs Adidas

In this blog post we will display a few services for creating content that are available today. Companies such as Curalate, Olapic and Pixlee offer great solutions. The main aspects all these services have in common is their approach to the content. They make getting the correct branded content easy, which is great for most companies. But what about retailers that house hundreds of different brands? These retailers need an automated solution that can simplify the process of creating great content.  

Brand awareness

The solutions mentioned above have tools for creating strong brand awareness. Companies that have many users wearing and tagging their brands on social media like Adidas will be a perfect fit. But relying on your customers to create this hashtagged content might take years!

Instead of waiting for your brand to get recognize you can act on it, improving your awareness in no time. Companies that don’t have enough quality social media posts work harder. For example on TOM TAILOR’s Instashop section almost 50% of the recent photos are self generated, that could mean that there is just not enough usable content from real users.     

(Self generated image from the TOM TAILOR Instashop- Screenshot)

With that in the world of e-Commerce the more content the merrier. Large amounts of images are important to keep the user interested and your brand relevant. The mentioned solutions can be great if you have a large amount of pictures from paid influencers or social media. For retailers that are still developing this kind of crowd basis, starting with UGC’s that have similar products can be an alternative solution. Having a wide range of images that match trends and best selling products can boost user engagement, help your content team reach goals as well as improve conversion rates.

The daily hustle

Selecting images

Most solutions supply the marketing and content teams with hours of work. Easy to use platform eventually help the teams filter thru thousands of images on a daily basis. Working this way can make teams waste time on low quality images, like selfie images in front of the mirror, that will not be used.

(A mirror selfie with the #tomtailor – Screenshot)

Legal approval

Getting approval and usage rights from users takes time and can be legally challenging. Users might not always approve, users might ask for more money for better images.

Most companies don’t want to deal with legal rights. Especially when talking about thousands of images a day. This process also slows down the uploading of new content as some take longer to approve them others.   

Manually tagging

Manually tagging images can take hours and waste valuable time. A solution that can automatically read the product information will save you time! Match the correct items to the photo can also prevent future issues. Let’s say a product goes out of stock, an automated solution can make sure you won’t need to update this manually.    

Spend your money in one place

Using the solutions like Curalate will probably lead you to use a completing technology or an in-house team as well. Creating the total experience for the end user takes more then just great images. Managing all the data on one platform can be cost effective. Saving hours of work by the content team, using one platform for managing the data, creating the assets and designing the look of the page can save time and money making your work more effective.

Final thoughts

We displayed some of issues that rise from using different types of technology for content creation. Creating great marketing assets for the best price is a top priority. This is why finding the right match to speak your brand’s voice is the most important. We believe there is a solutions for everyone, you just have the make sure you choose the correct one for your business.

The solutions presented can benefit companies with an already strong brand voice. But if you are a retailer with multiple brands like TOM TAILOR, and focus on reacting to changes, engaging with your customers and using creative solutions – Save hours of work and money – get automated! 

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