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The Top 5 Five Shoppers To Buyers Conversion Mistakes

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When the revenue figures are not as high as you expected, it can often be traced back to reasons that can be fixed. Especially in e-commerce, there are simple steps to make to improve shoppers to buyers conversion.

To understand why the sales numbers are not going up, it is relevant to gain insights and a deeper understanding of the reasons.

In that regard, we share the five most common reasons why shoppers don’t turn into buyers. For each of them, we give a solution that will help to fix the problem.


Reason #1: Overwhelming Decision Making

Often online shoppers don’t see the difference between various e-commerce sites and get overwhelmed with making a decision.

Especially when sites look similar and offer comparable products, the shoppers tend to go with the first page they land upon.

Not only does that mean that the shopper won’t come back since several other e-commerce sites can provide them as well, but this can also affect customer loyalty in a long-term run.


Show your online shoppers what makes your store different from all the other ones, even if the products you are selling are similar (often the case in the fashion industry).

Show them that your site is unique and is a better fit for them than the others.  This is done by integrating user-generated content (UGC) to the website.

UGC allows the shopper to experience the product in real life before even buying it and it will make your site stand out from all the others.

Once this difference is made you need to take it into your advantage and work with it, make it your main focus. This will not only guarantee that the shoppers will buy from your side, but it will also help maintain a relationship with the customer so that he will return.

Especially for fashion e-commerce, this is a significant problem since there are a lot of similar products on the market. Thus it is essential to focus on the shopper, offer him additional tools that will make the shopping experience more enjoyable. Teach about the values your company stands for or provide user-generated content that will help to guide the shopper. A page which is supporting body positivity is more likely to succeed than competitors that don’t stand for these values.

For home decor e-commerce companies it is essential to focus on the shopper, offer him additional tools that will make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Allowing the shopper to look at user-generated content is a way to do so. It gives the shopper a feeling of being in the surrounding whether than sitting in front of another home decor website.

Showing images on how to combine a product will leave the shopper with excitement for the purchase and will give him/her a reason to return to the online shop.

Reason #2: Information Loss During The Sales Process

Shopping means “real-time” decision making, but making a decision is hard from time to time. Especially when a shopper is unsure about whether to buy or not to it can be resolved from a lack of information. This is caused either by missing data or by information that is not clear enough or hidden. And this bit of information is the tipping point of decision making.


Giving clear and additional information about the product is crucial. When offering this information, the shopper is already engaging with the product.

The shopper is processing it even if it is unconscious, leaving a mark in his thoughts. The information can vary from the product materials up to a proposal on how to use it.

For fashion e-commerce this is a way to show the shoppers how to integrate the products into their closet or even more profitable, to sell another piece. This can be done through user-generated content from which the shoppers seek inspiration, no matter if it is about pairing a bit but also creating a whole new outfit.

The “art” of using user-generated content allows the shopper to see products that might ’ve been missing because it drowned in the product feed.

Reason #3: Budget

The biggest reason why shoppers don’t turn into buyers is the budget. People base their decision on buying something off their financial situation. But this should not be a reason to lose a prospective buyer.


The solution to this problem is offering different payment methods. Giving the option for a split payment will make the shopper re-consider his thought of not buying the product.

Home decor can get expensive, and the budget shouldn’t be a reason to miss out on a sales deal. Consider testing different payment methods and options, and test if this increases the chances of the shopper buying more products.

Back to fashion e-commerce, where trends and staying current plays an important role. Due to these factors, shoppers are willing to spend the money to keep up with the newest styles. This is a fool-proof way to not miss out on any new buying opportunities.

Reason #4: Online Search To Look For A Specific Product

For many people, online shopping is still not comparable to going into a store, especially when it comes to looking for new products without a particular goal. This is where the internet comes in.

The internet makes shopping easy especially when looking for a specific product. In a physical store, the shopper can’t use filters that will only show the preferable colors and sizes, but the internet does.

This means that online shoppers miss out on a wide variety that your e-commerce store has to offer. It is easier to blend out the rest of the products than in a physical store due to the different tools that online stores offer.


Using user-generated content is a way to expose shoppers to a broader variety of products without making them go through the entire product range.

UGC shows additional products without making it too hard on the eyes or making the shopper feel overwhelmed.

The shopper can still choose to look at their desired product, but your e-commerce store can benefit from it by getting a higher chance of selling a product as well as an additional product to the one the shopper was looking for.

For fashion e-commerce, this is the way to go to boost the sales numbers. Especially in a fashion where shoppers are continually looking to enlarge their closet or find more clothes to match, user-generated content will help to achieve these goals.

Sitting in front of the computer and looking through thousands of clothes can be tiring, so the UGC’s are not only a more efficient way but also more effective. It is stimulating the imagination of the costumer and making them engage more with the product.

Reason #5: Lack Of Inspiration

Lastly but not least, especially for fashion and home decor e-commerce companies, the lack of inspiration can be a reason why a shopper steps a way back from the buying process. Fashion and home decor products require a sense of inspiration, especially during new trends.


Offering the shopper the inspiration she/he is missing through user-generated-content. Content which is made by influencers is more inspirational and practical.

For online fashion retailers this “social proof” gives their shopper the opportunity to simultaneously go shopping and receive inspiration on how to wear the clothes in real life.

For home decor e-commerce companies, where the lack of inspiration a shopper may have can be especially challenging. Therefore incorporating user-generated content to your website will offer the shopper the inspiration that is missing. It also allows the shopper to see in which way to combine it to other products she/he might already own.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, especially for e-commerce companies the solution of providing the shoppers with user-generated content is the most effective solution to turn a shopper into a buyer. User-generated-content offers the shoppers to be inspired, to be exposed to a broader variety of products without feeling overwhelmed and to engage more with the product.

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