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Universal Furniture Inspiration Pages

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2019 has been an eventful year at Bllush due to our growing number of collaborations with retailers from all over the world. We are excited to announce our newest client Universal, the third largest online retailer in Austria. The goal of this collaboration is to improve Universal’s website user experience by incorporating a new furniture inspiration page powered by Bllush’s software.

Founded in 1968, Universal currently has more than one million products and 1.1 million active customers. The retailer provides an individualized shopping experience for every member of the family. The European Service Value Awards awarded Universal the title of Austria’s Best Company in 2015 because of their commitment to customer service.

The collaboration is now live on Universal’s website! The section is called “Furnishing Ideas” and includes styles based on occasion or room type.

Universal understands that user content and “style inspiration” pages are able to increase conversion rates; therefore, they turned to Bllush to incorporate a contemporary marketing strategy into their website. Our software is able to match Universal’s products to similar ones shown in user content on Instagram. This user content is of high quality and allows customers to get a sense of fit as to how the furniture items would look like in their own home. 

Customers are able to click on each style and look at user generated content to gain inspiration. If they decide they like the style or a piece of furniture, they can scroll down and purchase similar products sold in Universal. This marketing strategy makes the shopping experience more interactive and increases conversion rates. 

We are proud of this rewarding collaboration with Universal, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future! Nothing excites us more than helping retailers make the shopping experience inspiring, easy, and interactive for their customers.

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