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What is Bllush?

In this post, you will get a better  understanding of what Bllush is and what types of experiences can be built on the platform. Although we will provide examples of use-cases that can be built, remember that the possibilities are endless.

Bllush is a content marketplace

We operate a marketplace which connects fashion content with e-commerce stores.

What is Bllush?

  • E-Commerce Stores: can connect their product catalog, order content to be matched to those products and use that content in their website, app or marketing material.
  • Content Creators: can list their fashion outfits on our marketplace. This gives them publicity and exposure as well as they can earn money from royalty fees.

What can you build with Bllush?

We allow retailers to connect directly with our community of creators and pull content. Using various API endpoints we provide, many interesting user experiences can be easily built:

  • Complete The Look

    Shoppers don’t always know how to style products. Inspire your users with influencer-styled outfits matched with similar product recommendations from your catalog.

  • Outfit Inspiration

    98% of your shoppers won’t find what they’re looking for and leave your store. Showcase outfits curated by influencers to allow your users to discover your product catalog.

  • Shop the Trend

    Educate your shoppers on the latest trends, professionally curated by fashion experts. Allow your users to shop styles from your product catalog that fit the trend.

Why can’t I build these experiences internally without any platform?

Without a backend platform, publishing these types of content experiences could be challenging and occupy an entire team:

  • Sourcing the image assets including copyrights to use commercially
  • Enforcing a level of quality of the images (on-brand)
  • Scale the amount of images published for large amounts / multiple countries
  • Tagging each image to similar products from the store catalog
  • Making sure the experience isn’t broken once the tagged product goes out-of-stock
  • Quality assurance (QA) that there are no mistakes in production

Those are exactly the challenges that our platform solves.

After the initial setup of the content ordering process all these functions are handled in the platform. All that is required from you, the developer, is to implement the frontend experience assuming the content will always be there, ready-to-publish.

What other types of experiences can I build?

Content can be added at any point of the user journey:

  • Display content on new page
  • Add outfit recommendations to product detail pages (PDP)
  • Add category-related inspiration on product listing pages (PLP)
  • Add a carousel on the frontpage with the most engaged content
  • Sending users post-purchase emails with related outfits and products
  • Create a user-generated blog section on the store with fashion trends

As you can see, the sky’s the limit. Using the platform, content can be ordered which can be used in any type of user experience, re-used or whatever else you fancy doing with it. This gives your product teams superpowers, as you find new ways to delight your users.

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